Culture, sport & fun

The island of Rab offers every tourist plenty of cultural events, sports and entertainment, especially in the summer season when the weather conditions are favorable. Cultural and historical heritage is something that makes inhabitants very proud, it is therefore not surprising that many sites are preserved. Visit churches, monasteries, palaces, town loggia, 4 towers, Rector’s Palace, various museums and galleries to explore Rab through time.

Sports, entertainment and all kind of elvents you won’t be missing. From various sports fields to the fun in the water for the youngest but also for the elderly, everyone will find something to their taste. Take pleasure, explore the island of Rab but also recreate and have fun!



Tradition and customs

Cultural and historical heritage attracts the attention of every visitor and rich traditions and customs of any secular any spiritual character. Various celebrations program complements Rab folk group, which, due to great interest islanders exists in three age groups. Men and women, dressed in traditional costume dancing together while player plays the bagpipes.

The last day of carnival masks, known as Mesopust, people are gathering in the afternoon in the main square to greet and condemn the so-called Rab wicked Jura Piškanc who is blame for all the bad events throughout the year on the island, and it gets burned.

The crosses or holy day, or pilgrimage that is associated with epidemics of plague that twice, in 1449 and 1456, struck Rab. Križevo remains to this day the most common feast of all islanders and never as a vow not interrupted. Also, many legends and myths created on the island, are transmitted from generation to generation by word of mouth.


Cultural heritage

The stormy past and different historical periods from as far back as prehistoric times to the present day, have left their traces on the island in many forts, tombs, buildings, one of which is unfortunately a large part still unexplored, and special seal for the city and the island give the medieval buildings of great value. As the residents, cultures and mayors were rotating, they produced and destroying different architectural vestiges of that aera.


Rab medieval fest

The most attractive summer event in Rab is the three-day event which is on the island revives medieval history. Three days and three nights in all residents of Rab (from 25.07. Till 27.07) and all its guests celebrate two great holidays. Through medieval story three days on the island of Rab squares and streets may encounter stonemasons, lace-makers, painters, musicians, Medar, ceramics, glagolitic and carpenters, blacksmiths and florists … An unforgettable event in Rab is the Rab Tournament (reintroduced in 1995) that have been held since 1364, commemorating the defense of the town by the knights in the past. Excellence is a picturesque mediaeval ceremony is the ancient crossbow that in their games used only „balastrijeri“ from San Marino. Maintain a few times a year on St. Christopher on the island, namely: the first Saturday after May 9, May 30, July 27, August 15.



Beach volleyball

Rab is ideal for this kind of recreation, especially thus stressing the big sandy beach Paradise beach in Lopar (where every year maintains one of the tournaments of the Croatian Championship), then sandy beach in Kampor and others.



Island of Rab has multiple locations with tennis courts. With tennis courts you can get tennis lessons, a sparing partner and rental tennis rackets. Bigger tennis complexed are in Lopar – Hotel village San Marino, in Kampor in Suha Punta, and field next to the Hotel Imperial.


Sailing and water sports

Rab as a place by the sea, offers excellent opportunities for almost all types of water sports. Windsurfing particularly favorable weather conditions in the months; May and September, but also in other months. In addition to sailing, there are opportunities for rental of various motor vehicles, jet skis, kayaks, pedal boats. Then, water skiing, rides on a rubber banana, parachute, water slide, etc.



Diving activities have recently developed a lot. There is an increasing number of visitors who decideto have this kind of holiday. In the waters around Rab you can discovered a large number of shipwrecks as well as natural underwater reefs. In addition to basic training and equipment rental, there is diving schools as well as a complete scuba diving holiday.


Trekking – hiking

As well as bike rides, hiking and walking trails provide lovers of hiking excellent opportunities. The best trekking roads that have to be mentioned are: the walking paths in Lopar, Kristofor wood, promenade “Lungo mare” in Banjol and Barbat, footpath to the island’s highest peak, etc.


Mountain biking

A special experience on Rab are bike rides. With the multitude of small roads, paths and tracks on a rotating seaside, Mediterranean forest and coastal karst. Rab represents a cycling oasis for all mountain bike fans.

ostali sportovi

Other sports

The Rab the conditions for playing football, basketball, handball … Because of its climate and natural conditions, Rab provides opportunities for the preparation of athletes throughout the year. The famous and the indoor soccer tournament in Lopar during the Nativity of Virgin Mary. In the last few years on the island started to take place motocross and off-road competitions. We have mentioned the road in cove Mag right by the seaside. In addition to the above options in Rab you can try bowling, mini golf and table tennis, and on the island can be found and a water slide and a paintball center.




The crystal-clear Adriatic Sea, which surrounds the diverse shores of the island of Rab offers a unique experience at many seaside resorts around the island. On the island of Rab there is a beach of each own taste: rocky beach in the north of the island, pebble beach in the east, and sand beaches in the north of the island. The first beach on the island, below the city park is regulated in 1895, followed by bathing in the three Padova bays. Rab with its natural characteristics is one big beach, where the sandy coves, rocky and clear coast and pebble beaches with the colors of Mediterranean vegetation.


Entertainment and night life

Nightlife and entertainment is an essential part of the tourist offer of any tourist places. This primarily refers to the center of the island – where is the most of the offer. Specialties on the island of Rab is a large number of small cafes, pubs, nightclubs, cocktail bars located in the old town of Rab between the stone walls, squares and lounge area of ​​the old town. Among the old Beach Club Santos, who is out of place on the beach Pudarica.



The tourist offer of the island especially noteworthy to mention are many beautiful and unforgettable excursions for exploring the island and the surroundings: a tour of the old town of Rab, unique opportunity, a boat ride around the island, excursions to neighboring islands, fish picnics, sightseeing of the seabed, organized visits to neighboring National Parks Paklenica, Kornati and Plitvice Lakes.