Supetarska Draga

In the northwestern part of the island Rab, is the village of Supetarska Draga whose name is derived from the name of the monastery of St. Peter in Draga, which is also the oldest Benedictine convent on the island of Rab. The village consists of two parts – Lower and Upper Supetarska Draga – which are divided with fertile, wide valley. In Gornja Supetarska Draga (Upper), whose road leads to the village of Lopar, is the only water mill on the island, which have had thirty years ago supplied the whole island with spring, drinking water.

Donja Supetarska Draga (Lower) is specific for the multitude of sandy coves or three islets – Maman, Sridnjak and Sailovac – which many tourists, especially boaters, escape to peace and quiet. Lower Supetarska Draga is for many the most picturesque and most beautiful place on the island, especially peninsula Gonar.

At the distance od 6km from the town of Rab, as a natural extension of the Mundanija valley, embracing the bay lies the place that you must visit – Supetarska Draga. Not only tourists enjoy the beaches and natural resources Supetarska Draga. There are also the hosts who are always facing the sea, and they are excellent hosts – guests gladly return each year.

Supetarska Draga is the ideal place for guests who are offered accommodation in the houses near the sea, apartments and rooms. The presence of the marina, good restaurants, beautiful sandy beaches and the hospitality of the host guarantees a vacation to remember.