The Gonar restaurant stands out as a traditional family catering business that has been developing for the last 30 years. Thanks to years of rich experience, the quality of products and service were set as an imperative in doing business.

The restaurant focuses on preparing local meals of our climate exclusively made from fresh home-grown organic ingredients, often saving old recipes of "elders" from oblivion. The most famous meals from this family workshop are prepared on a traditional peka (iron pot that looks like a bell) with homemade olive oil as a must. Olive oil production is a secondary activity of this family business. Abandoned land has been turned into olive-groves where local specie oblica (most spread specie of Adriatic olive) is cultivated. The crown product of the olive-groves is the extra virgin olive oil, winner of numerous prizes. As in the production of fruits and vegetables, even here the approach to agriculture is organical and biological creating a market product.

The revival of the past can be felt in the interior of the restaurant with a number of picturesque details from the past among which is a grindstone for corn grinding, that is still used, as well as an old fireplace. Even the staff uniform includes motives of folk costume.

Exactly this kind of approach to catering and agriculture allowed a thirty year old tradition of doing business, which, in today's versatile market environment, is really a great accomplishment.

The Gonar restaurant is located in the Gonar hamlet at the end of Doljnja Supetarska Draga (Lower Supetarska Draga) on the Island of Rab. Besides tasteful homemade cuisine you can enjoy a wonderful sunset as well.

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